Erik Hoffman     

Old Time Music and Dance

Erik calling in England with a bunch of kids doing Zodiac with English Accents


I teach - both privately and in groups - fiddle, guitar, mandolin, recorder, bodhran, hambone and general music theory.

I have been playing recorder (at least a little) since 1967, guitar since 1971, and fiddle since 1986.

I started teaching guitar in the mid 70s, and have taught on and off over the years.

I find my joy comes from people playing, dancing, and making music together. And it is this that drives me to teach. The joy of just sitting and playing tunes, with no one but we musicians to hear is, well, spiritual. Playing for dancers is great fun. Large orchestras of people joining together to play music joyous. I enjoy it when we all take part, thus love helping others to be part of the band by teaching.


Thus I have been on staff at many dance and music weekends including, BACDS': American Week, Sierra Swing, Fall and Spring weekends; at Lark in the Morning, at New Mexico's Boo Camp and Memorial Day Weekend, at Brasstown's Christmas Week, and more.

Besides private lessons, I presently teach fiddle classes at The Freight & Salvage, in Berkeley. You can find out about them here: The Freight & Salvage. The sessions are six weeks long. Check them out!

I have worked at parties and schools, with people of all ages. I've lead dance residencies in schools, as well as doing a dance class or two. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want a program for your school or party.

I am available for private or group lessons or to lead Workshops on Music and Dance.

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