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"There is no Way to Peace; Peace is the Way"

Becket, progressing left

A1 Women do si do;
Swing partner

A2 Men allemande left one and a half;
Swing neighbor

B1 Long lines forward and back;
Women right elbow turn one and a half

B2 Women pick up partner in star promenade three fourths;
Men who are approaching now link left elbows to star promenade partner three fourths;
Butterfly whirl on own side to start
The second couple with whom you star promenade is the couple with whom the dance starts again

This dance is easier than it sounds. It has proved good for mixed level dancers because beginners can get into it, and the flow and unique quality of the dance keeps experienced dancers interested. The consecutive star promenades need a bit of space.

About the origin and title:
The Santa Barbara Country Dance Society has a festival every Memorial Day weekend, the Sprung Floor Dance Festival. It's a nice one! We have one of the best dance floors in the United States. It's unavailable on Saturdays, so we take advantage of it on Sundays. The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, we dance on it from noon to midnight. This dance was written for the 1992 festival.
It's my thought that we need to start honoring those who make peace, rather than those who make war. The title is a quote from the famous pacifist, A. J. Muste. It's one of those apparently simple thoughts, but it goes to the heart of the matter. So this dance is to memorialize those alive and dead who find peace in their hearts, and spread it through the world.

You can find many of the dances I've written along with many essays on dancing in my books - see my home page.

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