Erik Hoffman     

Old Time Music and Dance

From my book, Contradictations. If you are interested in purchasing this book, go to Ordering Information

Copyright (c) 1997, Erik Hoffman.

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List of Dances

Type of Contra
#3 Lm 2x2 becket
Banjos in Love, for Maxine and Brendan C 4x2 mixer
Berkeley Balances Lm 2x2 ip
Blues Too Lm 2x2 ip
Bob's Delight Lm 2x2 ip
Bovine Bliss, Paul and Wendy's Udder Delight ...... Random 2x3 mixer
The Dyslexic's Nightmare C 4x2 mixer
Echoes of the Summit Lm 2x2 ip
Fred Park's Long Drive Lm 2x2 becket
Harmony Invention Lm 2x2 becket
Heat Waves Lm 2x2 ip
I Wanna Dance Lm 2x2 becket
In the Midnight Hour Lm 2x2 becket
Lead to Gold Lm 2x2 ip
Lead to Gold II Lm 2x2 ip
Mad Folk Lm 2x2 ip
Made Up Tonight (which is no longer true) Lm 2x2 ip
Major Hey Lm 2x4 becket
Men in Chains Lm 2x2 ip
New Years in Harmony Lm 2x2 ip
The Odd Entrance Lm 2x2 ip
Rollaway Mixer Cm 1x2 mixer
Rollaway Too Cm 1x2 mixer
Settlement Double Swing Lm 2x2 ip
Spacing on Saturn Lm 2x2 ip
Star Studded Lm 2x2 ip
Thirty-two at Buchon Lm 2x2 ip
Train to Boston Cm 1x2 mixer
The Wedding Ring Cm 1x2 mixer
Useful Tension Lm 2x2 ip
Vashon Island Slug Fest Lm 2x2 becket

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