Erik Hoffman     

Old Time Music and Dance

Copyright (c) 1993, Erik Hoffman.

Type of Contra
Monica's Joy Lm 2x2 ip
Missing Duck Lm 2x2 becket
Emily and Jerry Tie the Knot Lm 2x2 ip
Thinking of John Lm 2x2 ip
Friday the Third Swing Lm 2x2 ip
Curly Ques Lm 2x2 ip
Train of Thought Lm 2x2 ip
"There is no Way to Peace; Peace is the Way" .... Lm 2x2 becket
Winter Hey Ride Lm 2x2 ip
So When Was the Wedding Lm 2x2 ip
Valentine's Promenade Lm 2x2 ip
Marta in the Jungle Lm 2x2 ip
Second Third Friday Lm 2x2 ip
Patti Melt Down Lm 2x2 becket
Where's Rachel? Lm 2x2 becket
ABC Lm 2x2 ip
ABC-two Lm 2x2 ip
ABC-three Lm 2x2 ip
Harvest Hey Lm 2x4
The Duck Returns Lm 2x4
Back to Nature Lm 2x4
Ghost Riders in the Sky C 4x2 mixer
The Rap Square C 4x2 mixer

Dance Caller
Old Time Music
Officiate Weddings