Erik Hoffman

Old Time Music and Dance

From my book, The Contrarian.   If you are interested in purchasing this book, go to Ordering Information

The Contrarian     Dances

Table of Contents:

Circle Mixers
     Lost Memories
     Riding the Waves
     @ Marty's B-day
     A Last Hurrah
     A Valentine
     Adam's Beginning
     Another Last Dance
     Another Steal
     Arcata Dream #1
     Arcata Dream #2
     Berkeley Bind
     Berkeley Blather
     Big Winter Solstice Moon
     Boxing Day Waltz Contra
     Deirdre's Delight
     Dirty Dishes
     Down in Monterey
     Down Yonder in the P.A. - P.A. Patch
     Felton Fallout
     Fifth of the Year
     55 in 99
     Flying Circus
     Follow that Star
     Fools in Love, April Wedding
     Footloose and Fancy Free
     Ho Down, Hey Down
     Kit 'n Kat Went a Courtin'
     Malcolm's Star
     Massive Bill in Lynchberg Town
     Melissa's Bliss
     Mendo Wanderer - For Chris Brooks
     Midnight at Monte Toyon
     Native American Woman
     Number Ten
     Old Brains
     On a Lark
     Resisting Temptation
     A Rose for my Love
     Sacramento High
     Sawtooth Reel
     Slatterly Quinery
     Sounding Off at 40 - for Marty Brennis
     Sponges and Spoons
     Thinking of John II
     Thorn and Grim
     Tom's Delight
     The Uphill Battle
     The Uphill Train
     Waiting for the Passport
     Where Does It Come From?
Other Formations
     Millenium Bug
     Wallpole Doll House
     Chestnut and Green
     November Morning Waltz
     Tsimmes Waltz
     A Waltz for Barbara
     A Waltz for Phyris
     We Three Kings Jig
     Wee Hours Waltz